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Release Engineer I

Mission, KS

Job Title:

Release Engineer



Job Family:

Software Engineering


Job Purpose

The Release Engineer owns the development of continuous integration, delivery, and deployment pipelines and quality monitoring tools that increase the pace of change, whilst protecting service and increasing business value. The Release Engineer also plays a role in Agile planning, developing and supporting release and deployment tools, providing advice and guidance, and monitoring emerging technologies.
Autonomy Influence Complexity Business Skills
Works under routine direction.  Uses limited discretion in resolving issues or inquiries. Works without frequent reference to others. Interacts with and may influence immediate colleagues.  May have some external contact with customers, suppliers, and partners.  May have more influence in own domain. Performs a range of work activities in varied environments.  May contribute to routine issue resolution. Understands and uses appropriate methods, tools and applications.  Demonstrates a rational and organized approach to work.  Identifies and negotiates own development opportunities.  Has sufficient communication skills for effective dialogue with customers, suppliers, and partners. Is able to work in a team. Is able to plan, schedule and monitor own work within short time horizons. Absorbs new information when it is presented systematically and applies it effectively.



Key Responsibilities

  Release and Deployment
  • Builds tools and pipelines needed to facilitate continuous delivery of software to multiple non-production and production environments. 
  • Coordinates build/deployment schedules and works directly with Change Management in deploying releases.
  • Tracks system and service performance and proactively discovers trends during warranty period to ensure SLA’s are met in the production environment and escalated to the appropriate team in the event of a breach.
  • Tracks system and service performance continuously in non-production environments and escalates to the appropriate team.
  • Manages development and operational toolsets and ensures tools are operational, robust, available, performant, and aligned with industry support.
  • Continuously reviews operational activities and automates where ever possible.
  • In collaboration with Enterprise Operations Center Analyst and effected infrastructure representatives implements automated monitoring and alerting processes to proactively predict and prevent incidents.
  Agile Planning
  • Solicits feedback from delivery and operations teams about continuous integration and continuous delivery challenges and works with them to identify opportunities to optimize software engineering throughput and quality.
  • Recommends improvements to processes, technology, and interfaces that improve the effectiveness of delivery teams and reduce technical debt.
  Product Development
  • Automates code packaging, code deployment, and configuration management processes to be used across both production and non-production environments.
  • Works collaboratively with all delivery and operations teams to define transition to production requirements and creates automated build systems that can deploy continuously during working and non-working hours.
  • Works collaboratively with all delivery teams to define operational requirements for automation.
  Application Support
  • Provides ongoing support, monitoring, and maintenance of release and deployment products.
  Advice and Guidance
  • Actively works with less experienced release engineers providing technical guidance and oversight.
  Emerging Technology Monitoring
  • Actively participates in the engineering community, staying up to date on new release and deployment technologies and best practices and shares insights with others in the organization.


Professional Technology Skills (the professional technology skills you need to be able to do the job)

Skill Follow Apply Advise Inspire Detail
Release and Deployment         Ability to:
  • Set the release standards for the organization in the context of both development and production/operations.
  • Ensure that practices, tools, and people are in place to support the discipline of release engineering (e.g. integration and dependency management, rollback, automation, security).
  • Provide authorization for critical release activity and point of escalation.
  • Articulate and apply critical thinking as appropriate in release engineering to simultaneously improve speed and quality.
Programming/ Software Development         Ability to:
  • Design, code, test, correct and document programs and scripts from agreed specifications, and subsequent iterations, using agreed standards and tools, to achieve a well-engineered result.
  • Take part in reviews of own work and leads reviews of colleagues' work.
Application Support         Ability to:
  • Manage application enhancements to improve business performance.

Knowledge, Experience & Qualifications



  • Working experience in software operations, development and/or release and deployment activities
  • Working experience with source code and software configuration management tools
  • Working experience in automation techniques and technology including continuous integration and delivery processes.
  • Working experience with ticketing systems
  • Working experience of scripting and configuration tools
  • Working experience with monitoring tools
  • Working experience with delivering web-based SaaS products in an engineering, operations, or release role
  • Working experience with DevOps practices
  • Working experience with application lifecycle methodologies (e.g. waterfall, agile, iterative)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent combination of industry related professional experience and education
  • Scrum Developer Certification or equivalent
  • Working experience of statistics and how they apply to operational metrics
  • Working experience in analysis, design and programming (Essential for P2)
  • Knowledge of capacity planning
  • Knowledge of IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and other cloud paradigms.
  • 0 – 2 years of working experience
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