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Sr. Scrum Master

Dunwoody, GA

Our end client is looking for a LOCAL Sr. Scrum Master w/ 4-5 years solid experience for a 6+ motnh contract to hire role in the Atlanta/Dunwoody, GA area. MUST BE USCitizen (or Greencard) for this position. NO H1-B's!!!

*** This is a REMOTE ROLE to start until COVID restrictions lifted - TBD *** But candidate will need to be able to come into the office - therefore local candidates are preferred and will be considered over non-local. *** Video Interviews will be conducted ***

Role: This candidate will have the primary responsibility of facilitating the formation, learning, and growth of multiple cross-functional delivery teams in developing a Lean/Agile mindset, adapting and continuously improving practices in their context, and guiding teams and leaders to enable the effective flow of delivery across the end-to-end value stream. As a servant-leader, the Scrum Master plays a key role in planning, facilitation, supporting teams, removing impediments, providing team coaching and mentorship, visualizing the Lean value stream to optimize for flow, and working with other Lean/Agile practitioners to exchange learnings at scale.

Minimum Skills/Experience:

  • Candidates are based in the metro Atlanta, GA area
  • 5+ years experience applying the Scrum Framework and/or Kanban Method in growing high performing teams as a full-time practitioner
  • Experience as a Scrum Master and/or Kanban Coach at an organization that is committed to Lean-Agile as its core approach for delivering business value
  • Experience influencing positive and impactful change in organizations working towards Lean/Agile adoption, learning, and growth
  • Experience and core values are our top selection criteria; however, certifications help represent one's desire to build knowledge. Some certifications to be considered include LeanKanban Unversity's TKP, Scrum.org's PSM, Scrum Alliance's CSM
  • Experience with applying test automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery capabilities to achieve delivery speed and operational stability
  • Experience using Lean/Agile collaboration tools like Rally
  • Willing and able to receive constructive feedback and advice with a growth mindset
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, particularly in a virtual video environment over Microsoft Teams
  • Manages time extremely well, can quickly sense when an issue needs to be discussed or triaged.
  • Ability to dive into the details when applicable, ask probing questions with curiosity, and sense when and how to take action to enable the team's growth.
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