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Machine Learning Architect

Costa Mesa, CA
Our Direct Client is looking to hire a Machine Learning Architect.

Position : Machine Learning Architect
Location : Costa Mesa CA  (Remote)
Duration : 12 Months

Job Description

New and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are helping our client deliver insightful and personalized experiences for our customers, drive greater operational efficiency, and better manage risk.

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced Machine Learning Architect to focus on commercializing several new products with Machine Learning (ML) as a driver for those projects. The role will require hands on experience with data ETL, feature extraction/feature definition, data validation, model monitoring, and model optimization. All types of ML model deployment methods should be supported as well.

What You’ll be Doing

• Extracting data from a database, cleaning the data, and preparing it for consumption
• Selecting the best algorithmic approach to serve an ML use case
• Tuning the model for development
• Constructing data pipelines to maintain the model
• Monitor the model for performance and drift
• Coding everything required to orchestrate multiple models together

What your Background Looks Like

• BS or MS (preferred) in Computer Science or a related field
• 5+ years current practical experience developing production-quality applications in Java/JavaScript/C# and/or Python
• Demonstrated Knowledge of Databases (Hadoop preferred), Data ETL (Spark preferred), Analytics, ML Libraries (scikit-learn, XGBoost, MXNet, Tensorflow, R), ML Frameworks (Airflow, MLFlow, Kubeflow)
• Good software design skills.
• Solid grounding in statistics, probability theory, data modeling, machine learning algorithms and software development techniques and languages used to implement analytics solutions.
• Excellent written, oral communication, and analytical skills
• Experience with large-scale production machine learning orchestration between multiple accounts
• Experience in neural networks/deep-learning techniques
• Experience with AWS cloud services
• Experience with modern software development practices and tools
• Polyglot: can program effectively in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks
• Ability to work in a fast paced environment and to be an outstanding team player
• Ability to learn new frameworks and environments
• Adept at asking for help when needed

The top 4 skills that are required for this role are:

• Data Science (modeling)
• Data Engineering (Spark Transform)
• Web Services/Software (Python)
• Strong communication (ability to explain all 3 above to business stakeholders)

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